The Hijacking of Naturism

One thing that’s always bothered me is the way naturism has been hijacked so often by people who want to make it a sexual thing. If you google naturism or nudism you are at least as likely to find content of a sexual nature as you are real naturist material, if not more. In the real world too the same happens. There is a beach on the east coast of Scotland which has traditionally been used by naturists. It’s not official but is well known for naturist use. When I first got into naturism I thought if we ever had a sunny enough day one weekend (sadly all too rare in Scotland!) I’d visit this beach. However a little more research told me that the beach was frequently visited doggers, looking for sexual encounters.

My wife tolerates my interest in naturism only because she understands it is a non sexual activity. However things like this would make her very uncomfortable with my attendance.

We went on a family holiday to Gran Canaria, to Playa del Ingles which has a large naturist beach area. I was hoping I might persuade my wife to leave the security of the textile beach in town and wander along a little to the naturist beach. I’m glad I didn’t because before we went I heard from friends online that the dunes area is used by couples having sex and groups of men watching them “helping” themselves. We would apparently have had to pick out route carefully to avoid such a show, and with a less than enthusiastic wife and a primary age child that’s not helpful.

Why do swingers and pornographers have to hijack the term and places for naturism? Swinging is not a lifestyle choice I’m interested in, but I’m perfectly happy to allow other people to participate in it themselves if that is what they want. I believe in personal liberty as long as you’re not hurting someone else. I’d be totally OK with swingers having their own places on the net and in real life (and they do), so why can’t they leave us to have our places?

I’m happy too that naturists can be swingers, just like naturists can be golfers. But much like I’d prefer that the golfer/naturists didn’t play golf on a nudist beach I’d also prefer swinger/naturists didn’t have sex there either. It’s really a question of appropriate behaviour for appropriate places.

Some swingers say it’s hypocritical to say nudity is natural and should be allowed, but public displays of sex shouldn’t. They argue that sex is natural too and so should be equally acceptable, but I disagree. I enjoy a drink. I like wine from Italy and a good malt Scotch whisky. I also like driving. I don’t think that just because these two things are good and I enjoy them that it’s OK to drink and drive. I don’t see anything hypocritical in saying these two activities don’t mix.

So be a swinger if you wish, just please find your own places and be clear it is a different thing from naturism.

The Hijacking of Naturism

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