Nudity and Morality – Postscript

I posted recently about my thoughts on the biblical view of social nudism. That was looking back on my thinking before I first embarked on social naturism. I was please to find all the Christian naturist sites that helped me understand what the bible had to say and more importantly what it didn’t.

However there was a bit of my mind still uneasy as these were people looking to find a reason why naturism should be considered allowed. What if they were fooling themselves. Sometimes even with the best of intentions people can find the evidence they need to support their own ideas and beliefs much easier than they can find evidence to the contrary. In Science it’s called confirmation bias. We’re much more likely to give more weight to evidence that supports our point than that which does not. It’s not intentional it’s just the way out minds work.

I’ve recently come across the writings of a Pastor in the US, Ed Raby, who is not a naturist, but has enquired into the biblical view of nudity without any bias. He has tried to understand the scriptures without any particular axe to grind. If anything coming at this as a non naturist, and given the basis on which he explains he started looking at the biblical view on nudity, which was to encourage a young female Christian not to go topless while on the beach, he probably started out with a more negative preconception. He went on to find much in agreement with the Christian naturists. If you’re interested you can read more at

Nudity and Morality – Postscript

2 thoughts on “Nudity and Morality – Postscript

  1. Hey thanks for the reference. I do try to have an unbiased view but I have to admit when I did start that study I was trying to find a rational for a friend to tell his daughter she shouldn’t do. I however could not find that the Bible’s plain language does not support that notion.

    Blessings and Cheers!!!


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