I was uncomfortable and self conscious wearing clothes especially swimwear, but found that I didn’t feel that way as a naturist, nude in public and that feeling has even carried over to times I must wear clothes.

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Oddly enough, I’m not ashamed of my body when I’m naked.

Wait, I take that back.

I’m not ashamed around my husband, but I am around other people.  If there’s a common changing area like at the gym or swimming pool, I arrange everything about how NOT naked I can be in that area.

If you’re overweight and wanting to go to a gym, changing in the locker room can be intimidating.  As for what I do, I go to the gym in my gym clothes and then go home for the shower.  Luckily, my apartment is only two blocks from the gym, so it’s just a quick walk.

In the beginning, I had to change in the gym, but I always did it as quickly and discreetly as possible.  But still, I would walk home before showering.  This was partly because I was too shy to shower in public…

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