First Social naturist experience

After experiencing private naturism both in the home and outdoors I started to feel the growing need and desire to share this experience in a social setting, to get together with other naturists and just share the experience with someone. My wife has no interest in participating or even discussing naturism and so while it would have been preferable for me to first share the experience with her and then a wider social setting that was not an option.
I started looking for social nude events, places or occasions where I could participate. That wasn’t easy, especially as I’m quite time constrained and the few things that did seem to happen in Scotland never seemed to coincide with times I was free to participate. There’s a Sunday morning swim in Glasgow, but my son does sports on a Sunday morning so that wouldn’t work for me. There’s another on the East coast on a Sunday evening, but again the location and time meant that doesn’t suit my family life either. I was aware of some naturist beaches, but my research suggested these were not well used by naturists and also had a reputation as places for dogging. My wife’s not thrilled that I want to participate in naturism but is accepting on the basis that she understands its a completely non sexual thing and she completely trusts me on that (not having experienced it herself). If however I started frequenting dogging locations I think that would be a step to far for her and in any case I have no interest in being involved in that kind of thing, or witnessing it, or even of being associated with it.
Anyway, at that time I travelled for work fairly often, and one day I found myself staying reasonably close to Birmingham. I remembered that I had been doing some research on possible places to participate in social naturism and one place that came up in my searching was the Clover Spa, a fully naturist spa and hotel in Birmingham ( I realised that it was not that far and in my down time in the evening I could travel there and use the facilities. So I finished my work for the day and headed out to go to and participate in my first ever social nude activity. It turned out to take me much longer than I had expected, but I arrived and parked in the car park. I sat in my car for a little while nervous about what I was about to do and for a little while I considered starting my car up and just heading straight back to my hotel, but I decided that I had been wanting to try this for a while and now I had the opportunity, plus I had invested a lot of time getting here the least I could do was give it a try, so I went in full of trepidation. The woman behind the counter was very nice and welcoming and helped put me more at ease, but I was still uncertain as I walked round (fully clothed at this stage) getting a tour and familiarisation. Afterwards she left me in the changing room to disrobe and stow my stuff. I did so quickly and moved towards the spa area. I had a moments pause as I put my hand onto the door handle, and for the briefest of moments considered again backing out, redressing and heading back to my hotel, but instead I pushed through the door and into the spa.
I was nervous as I walked out naked in front of others, some also nude (the patrons) and some clothed (the staff), for the first time. I took another walk around exploring the small spa and garden, sharing greetings with the people I met. I don’t know what I expected, people staring at me? People being visibly shocked at my flabby middle aged body? People pointing and laughing? None of that happened and I was amazed at how quickly I felt totally natural and any anxiety about being nude in front of others disappeared.
It may be surprising for a naturist or even someone interested in becoming a naturist but I had always been very reticent about being seen by others without a top on. At the (textile) beach I used to wear long shorts and I kept my t-shirt on. To be honest I didn’t fully understand in myself this desire to rip off not only the t-shirt but the shorts and everything else as well. How could I go from one extreme to the other? But it was easy. I felt relaxed and comfortable nude. Everyone really accepted me for who I am and didn’t even seem to notice how overweight I was. I know now that this is one of the great joys of social nudism, the acceptance by others and more importantly by ourselves of our bodies as they are. I’m not going to stop trying to lose weight (until I do) but I’m not up tight about being seen anymore. What’s more I’m not actually all that over weight and I realised that there were plenty of people more overweight than me and perfectly happily participating nude.
The other thing that amazed me was how comfortable I felt talking to the people I met. Usually I am not the most socially outgoing and avoid conversation with strangers but for some reason I felt comfortable talking to these people I had just met. Again I realise now that naturists are on the whole a really friendly easy to talk to group of people, that whenever we drop out clothes we drop other barriers between us as well.
I had a great evening. It helped that Clover Spa was, and is, a fantastic place with great facilities, staff and fellow patrons. As introductions to social naturism goes I couldn’t have asked for a better environment or better people to share it with. I returned a number of times and sought out other opportunities but that first time will remain a fond memory.

First Social naturist experience

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