Further experiences in private naturism

After that first experience I was hooked and I looked for other opportunities when I might be able to shed my clothes outdoors or in, but still when I was essentially on my own. These occasions often seemed to crop up when I was on holiday. Perhaps it was the warmer climate than my native Scotland. Perhaps it was fewer demands on my time and more “me” time. In any case I had sporadic opportunities for outdoor nudity.

On one occasion my wife and I were on holiday in a warm part of the world. One evening we were out for a walk when we could tell a thunderstorm was heading across the hills, coming our way. We returned to our hotel and sat out on the balcony to watch the incoming storm. As the rain started my wife decided to retreat back inside before she got too wet but I decided to stay out. The way our room was positioned no one could see our balcony unless they were out at sea and there were no boats out in that evening. I slipped off my clothes as the rain began to pour. The warm weather and pouring rain made for an exhilarating experience. After a while I slipped my shirts back on and also retreated inside.

On another occasion we were staying in a lovely isolated villa with a pool. Well away from anyone else and with no view from the road the pool was inviting for a skinny dip. By this time we had a 1 year old son. Most afternoons he went for a sleep in the villa, the pool was sufficiently far from the house that we couldn’t leave him alone so we took turns to go up for a swim while the other stayed at the house in case he awoke. I went first. When I got there I checked all the sight lines. Convinced myself that no one could see me and dropped my trunks and swam in the pool for a little while before climbing out and sunbathing under the beautiful blue sky.

The sensation of swimming without trunks was fantastic and freeing. It felt so natural I wondered why trunks had ever been invented and I rued the fact that I wasn’t likely to be able to always swim that way. Then climbing out and not having wet, clinging, constricting trunks on making me feel cold despite the warm sun and uncomfortably sticking to my legs and chafing my skin was again a fantastic liberation from the tyranny of clothing. I quickly dried out in the sun rather than sitting continuing to be wet.

It was with a great deal of sadness that I pulled my still wet trunks on a half hour later and returned to the house.

Personal, private nudity out in the elements has become an important part of my naturist experience and I love nothing better than to know that no one can see me, I’m not disturbing anyone and I’m not doing it for anyone other than myself (not that I am when I am in a more social nudist setting either). Just the pleasure of experiencing the natural world in what feels like a natural way lifts my spirits and calms my mind, allowing me to relax so much more fully than clothed recreation.

Further experiences in private naturism

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